1997 Born in Melbourne, Australia

Constantly moving but currently based in Mexico. 

Zosia Zoltkowski is an interdisciplinary Polish, first generation Australian artist; researching, creating and collaborating across mediums of painting, photography, performance and video.

Her site-specific executions aim to create a synergistic relationship between viewer, performer and space.

Relying significantly upon her intuition and the process of ‘play’, Zosia explores ways in which to re- connect, re-tune and re-engage with the environment around her and her past.

Through her art making, a perspective into ‘the way of being’ amidst all senses, extends beyond artistic aesthetic and moves towards a non-hierarchical, co-dependent alignment, between nature and human.

HHer experiences amongst communities and networks of people globally, from remote places to urban dwellers, has fuelled her curiosity of the human condition, collectively with the act of being ‘present’. Zosia weaves in research, process work, play and integration, paying little attention to the end product. 

These engagements of transversality, generate unexpected and continually evolving situations, probing her fascination towards places of discomfort and states of vulnerability.

Together, her immediate environment and body act as conduits towards decolonising ‘ways of being’ through paint and performance, responding to the surrounding world.

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