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Live-performance, video & installation
Koik Contemporary Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico

In collaboration with Mexican artist Jordi Hernandez's timber sculpture, I engaged in a dialogue between human and sculpture. The rope, a sinewy umbilicus, orchestrated a balletic, co-dependent interplay between my body and the sculpture. Through various movements—static, slow, and fast—I created a bond with the wooden sculpture. As I moved, the sculpture responded in kind, embodying defiance against its innate inanimateness. This synergy unveiled a narrative of forms—a dialogue in which the organic curvature of my body melded with the angular stoicism of the wooden structure. I did not just coexist with the sculpture; I became an integral part of its existence, and it became mine, challenging the conventional demarcations between artist, object, and audience. The performance resonated as a commentary on the human-environment continuum. In this interstice, the friction and tension symbolised the often overlooked, yet intrinsic, nexus between humans and nature. Corporeal emerged as a reflective mirror not just for myself—but also a contemplative vessel that implores us to reconceptualise our understanding of self in relation to our surroundings.

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Curator Lesdavag
Sculptural Artist Jordi Hernandez 
Music Production Alonso Izquierdo Avila Zuleta