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Untitled (iron)

Performance Exhibition
IoDeposito, Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy

Durational Performance, Iron Sculpture, Vinegar, Rust 

Untitled (Iron) is a project that delves into the profound history and symbolism of iron—a material emblematic of exploitation, conflict, and class distinction. This work unravels the narrative of iron, a material scarred by its associations with warfare and societal divisions, through a process of participatory corrosion. By inviting the audience to pour vinegar over both the iron sculpture and my naked body, I initiated an act of oxidation, symbolically unveiling the material's layered past. In this performance, iron is reimagined as a living entity, extracted from the earth, and subjected to human use, decay, and transformation. This act of corrosion is not merely physical; it is a metaphorical excavation of history, reflecting on the symbiosis of human and non-human elements.

Set against the backdrop of Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy—a territory steeped in a history of displacement, occupation, and conflict—the performance metamorphoses into a ritualistic act. My presence throughout the durational performance encapsulates vulnerability, inviting the audience to become part of this intimate space. The looping sound of my breath serves as an auditory soundscape. My research into iron prompted a deeper engagement with our collective past and the internal cycles of transformation that govern all existence.

Additionally, I led a Presence workshop at the local elementary school, where I collaborated with the children to create a large body drawing. The workshop included activities to calm the mind and body, helping students become more attuned to their external environment.