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Body Cartography

Performance & Video
Royal National Park, Dharawal People’s land

Performance and video
Duration 1 hr


Body Cartography is a concept I have been working with whilst living in Australia. I felt a paradoxical disconnect and connection to the land of the First Nations people, the Dharawal people (one hour south of Sydney, Australia). My parents sought asylum in Australia in the 1980s, fleeing communist Poland. I feel physically and spiritually connected to the land in Australia; however, the history of the land made me question my position within it and my displacement. The performance Body Cartography was filmed on Dharawal Indigenous lands and explored the loss, pain and connection to this land. Through my body, I could settle, listen and feel the land and its pain, both past and present. Through this, the body, just like the land retains memory. The movement allowed an array of emotions to be evoked. The malleable aluminium sheet acted as a physical indent between my body and the land, connecting us. 

~ Zosia, 2020