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Performance & Installation 
Galleria Chiasso Perduto, Florence, Italy

Installation, two videos projected, performance, space intervention & two sculptures
Duration 1 hr

How to reveal the memory of a place?

How to become it?

To establish a relationship without filters or intermediaries, questions that Zosia asked herself started from her research. Founded by the body as a receptor of place, their history and how they implode in her, this is how she begins to subtract from the space. Instead of adding content, she strips the walls that contain hundreds of stories of other artists who have lived there temporarily. These remnants become a second skin as if they were ashes rejected to the earth to be part of a new cycle. Part of the journey has been a dialogue with what the marble quarries expel in Carrara, a white powder extracted from the surface, a physical act that has been happening forever; sculpting, in the end, is a subtraction to get into the bowels of the stone. The journey ends with the performative experience in which Zosia blends so much into the space that she becomes it.  
Curated by Sandra Miranda Pattin & Francesca Morozzi                      
Assistant Curator Isabella Tamayo